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Millesia - Ivresse-nacre

French Lingerie

Millesia Ivresse
Amber, musk, Jasmin… The XVIIth century fashion is linked to perfumes and fragrances. Queens and courtesans fought over recipes of perfumers who were introducing at that time new raw materials that they found in Americas and India: cocoa, vanilla, tobacco, pepper, cloves… The Queen of Hungary had her special “Eau de toilette” that, according to legend, had some revitalizing, aesthetic and therapeutical powers. Among her most energic followers, Madame de Maintenon weared it every day on in order to find strength and beauty necessary to her seduction. A brilliance effect is to stare at thanks to an amazing waxed embroidery and artfull straps. Suggestive beauty of a lingerie classic… The intoxication of the sexy bra, combined with magnificent guipure embroideries and a set of silk links are dedicated to the most audacious… Subtlety of the drapery for the push-up bra. Carnal seduction of the corset by which fine ribbons transformed it into an object of lust… Genuine invitation to intoxication of senses with this group that is proud of its rich character.
Millesia - Ivresse-nacre - g-string
Millesia  -  Ivresse-nacre 
MODEL: g-string
DISCOUNT  - 60 %
PRICE (excl Vat): 42.50 €  17.00 €
PRICE (inc Vat): 51.00 €  20.40 €
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Millesia - Ivresse-nacre - g-string
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